Easter Will Feel Different

For the first time in 45 years things will be quite different. I won’t worry about what I will wear. I won’t eat lunch at my parent’s house. In fact, I won’t even be gathering with others inside of a church. That certainly doesn’t sound like any Easter Sunday in my past. Yet, that’s the reality for so many this year due to this present pandemic.

Now, I prepared my heart out to preach the gospel to thousands online. In fact, this year’s Easter services have taken more man hours and prayer than ever before. God has taken myself and pastors all over this country out of our comfort zones. We’re having to truly learn how to minister beyond the walls of the church. This greater challenge has also brought with it greater expectations.

Most project that more people will hear the gospel this Easter than ever before in world history. Most won’t even have to leave their home. They can tune in with just a cup of coffee and their cell phone in hand. Churches all over the country will be filling up live feeds talking about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Regardless of all the change and missed traditions. The volume of people that will be reached with the good news will be well worth the inconvenience.

So, I encourage you to not feel like you’ve missed Easter. Easter has not been cancelled even if many church doors will be closed. This is an opportunity to focus on the true reason for the season. May we each choose to still celebrate this Resurrection Sunday. May we also play our part in helping others discover a reason to celebrate themselves.

At Refuge Church, it’s never been our goal to just have church. God has called us to be the church. We aim daily to love, lift, and lead people to Jesus. So, while it might feel very different, the opportunities are many this year. I pray you invite others to join you in watching one of our four online services at 9:15am, 11am, 3pm or 7pm on Facebook. If we do our part to lift Jesus high, He will do the rest.

Jesus said, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.” John 12:32

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