The Dam Broke

The pain running throughout my body is totally debilitating. You would think a dam gave way allowing all my pain to flood back into me. Obviously, something not good for me has gotten into my system. I’ve not had pain like this in what feels like forever. Every part of my body is aching and my heart is pounding.

This nonstop pain drains everything out of me. Breathing is a chore as the pain is breathtaking. I thank God for giving me relief for so long. And, I’m sure I will find relief again soon. However, for now it has all come back on me with a vengeance.

I certainly did not see this coming. You would think I had some bad flu. The last two days have not been easy ones. Now, things seem to be escalating to pure misery. I’ve taken extra meds that should eventually help me sleep. Yet, for now I’m fully engulfed in the flames of this agonizing nerve pain.

“Lord, have mercy on me because I am weak. Heal me, Lord, because my bones ache.” Psalm 6:2

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