Only In The Storm

If we’re honest, the only time God has our absolute full attention is in the storm. When we totally feel we’re at His mercy. When we totally feel out of control. When we know the only way forward is by faith. When the only thing bigger than the storm in front of us is the God with us.

For these reasons and many more. God has to allow us to go through certain storms. Where we have to look up for help. Where we have to pray earnestly and constantly. These are the only times we fully realize our desperate need for divine intervention. These are the times we truly realize that man makes plans, but God determines our steps.

In the midst of nonstop doubt and fear. Storms can really cloud our perspective. Even still, there’s just no denying God does His greatest work in the madness. As our knees learn how to keep bowing before an almighty, all knowing, and always loving God. As we see God’s hand of mercy, grace, and protection . No, God doesn’t always calm the storm. Yet, somehow He always calms His child as we seek His face for refuge.

(Psalm 46:1) God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

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