How Can We Not Celebrate?

This Mother’s Day is almost over. However, I feel inspired to talk about another mother in my life. Sadly, growing up we really don’t see the full value of our moms until later. However, observing a great mother day and night as an adult changes your perspective. Therefore, watching my wife’s daily efforts for our boys has drastically opened my eyes.

From my front row seat I see someone so unselfish. I see nothing but love in action from sun up to sun down. I’m afraid when our kids were younger I really had no clue what my wife endured. Honestly, I feel like I still have no clue as to how mothers do what they do. They literally live each breath to take care of their children.

Aimée Crosby has shown me what love with no strings attached looks like. She gives and gives with not an ounce of complaint. She believes in her four boys and hopes all their dreams come true. I remember saying before any were born how they would all love me more. I realize later I was so foolish to think a good dad could ever compete with a great mom. I guess that’s why I wanted a girl later because all we’ve got is a house full of momma’s boys.

So, if you call yourself a mom I’m convinced you’re a super hero. Your love speaks so loudly. As you fight and pray for your children their lives are changed. How can we not celebrate someone who gave us life itself? How can we not celebrate someone willing to lay down their life in hopes of giving us a better life?

“Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her.” Proverbs 31:28

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