Are You Living to End Racism?

Let’s truly be friends!

Wait a minute…please don’t answer that question so fast. I need to further explain what I mean. I didn’t ask whether you think you’re a racist. I asked are you living in such a way that counters racism? Meaning, are you just protesting the issue or living in a way that helps towards fixing the issue in society.

Personally, I feel God has been challenging my heart in so many ways. I don’t just want to ignore the issue. I don’t just want to talk about the issue. I want to live in such a way that it actually helps decrease the issue. This requires a strategic approach to living. You have to live being mindful that racism is an issue and I can do something about it.

Now, I honestly I don’t think most know what to do. Yelling your opinions at others does very little. Ignoring the issues doesn’t just make it all go away. So, we must find ways to fight against racism. We must treat it like a cancer that can’t be ignored. Then, we need to kill each racist cell of society with an overdose of intentional love deposits.

I suggest first that we listen more than we speak. Don’t just defend your stance and keep telling people how there’s absolutely no racist bones within you. Show people of different races how much you care. Love them in an understanding way. Go out of your way not to change their mind, but their assumptions. I’ve never seen the unconditional love of God not make things better.

Look for ways that you can strategically show others your heart. During this season God has led me to check more on my neighbors of other races. In fact, I can promise you the church I pastor will seek to lead many towards tearing down the racial divide we presently feel in society.

I pray this season in time has opened all of our hearts. I truly believe much of society has changed but time has just revealed that more needs to change. I hope you will join me in seeking to be the change and praying for change. I know God will honor every heart that seeks to love all those around them in a color blind fashion.

“My dear brothers and sisters,how can you claim to have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ if you favor some people over others?” James 2:1

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