Trust and Obey

My body is extremely exhausted. I’ve been seeking to do way too much over the past 48 hours. Especially with some of my health battles. Ministry has never been busier and people have never been so broken. For me it’s very hard to find the shut off valve. Especially when you really care about others struggling way more than yourself.

Fortunately, my identity is not wrapped up in any position I hold. Being a pastor is not my job, but my joy. My calling is so strong that I could never runaway from it if I tried. I especially feel called to help those who many would rather avoid. It’s those most broken that my heart feels compelled to encourage most.

Now, I don’t have much left in my physical or emotional tank for this day. However, I do have the peace of knowing that with everything I could muster I’ve tried to live another day faithful. All God calls us to do is everything we can while trusting Him for everything we can’t. Some days take a little and others take more than you even have to give. It’s relieving to know that I’m not called to play God. Instead, I’ve simply been called to trust and obey God. I know God always has a plan.

“The Lord watches over those who obey him, those who trust in his constant love. He saves them from death; he keeps them alive in times of famine. We put our hope in the Lord; he is our protector and our help. We are glad because of him; we trust in his holy name. May your constant love be with us, Lord, as we put our hope in you.
Psalm 33:18-22

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