Dear White Friends

Obviously, I’m one of you so I’m addressing myself too. Honestly, I’ve not even been watching the news lately. I’ve been too busy seeking to love God and people. However, I can feel the tension rising again in our society. Sadly, it feels like more of a war between all humanity.

Listen, if you weren’t born black you can’t say you know how that feels. Sure, there are many of us who don’t see color. We understand that skin is just the outer shell of a living soul. We believe that all men and women were created equal by God. But, it doesn’t mean that all men and women are treated equal.

Now, for right now I want you to forget about what you believe about the “Black Lives Matter” movement. This is not about our opinion of a certain organization. I’m just asking you to join me in having compassion for those hurting. Please seek to put yourself in their shoes instead of just defending your perspective.

When someone is really hurting you don’t just keep spouting out words. No, if you really care you show you care. You lift those hurting up in prayer. You seek to encourage those who are consumed with fear. You do your absolute best to meet them where they are with God’s unconditional love.

Well, right now many of our African American brothers and sisters are unsettled. They can’t help but be moved by media headlines. They feel unsafe for themselves and certain loved ones. They don’t need us to agree with everything they may feel or think. They do need us to love, love, love them just like Jesus loves us all.

Jesus came and died on a cross for every soul on this planet. His red blood was shed for every person who bleeds red. The way we show our love for Jesus is by our love for one another. We all have our seasons where we need a shoulder to cry on. We all have times we just need to know someone cares about our bleeding heart.

So, please join me in letting those with darker skin know we care. Yes, all lives do matter. Yes, I do believe we have made great strides in racial equality. But, there is obviously still work to be done. I believe the best thing we can do is to make sure our hearts and actions are full of God’s love towards all.

Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

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