Pray For My Parents

My dad and I just finished one of our daily night time talks. As usual it was full of many different emotions. We both can see God’s grace, recognize the pain and still pray in full faith. We both know God always has a plan. We just don’t always know how that plan will look from day to day.

Dad is looking forward to his midweek day of chemotherapy tomorrow. Not because he enjoys the process. But, because He knows God has sent him in there as a missionary. Therefore, there is purpose for his great pain. Even though it’s uncomfortable and at times unbearable. He sees the mission God has called him to as he gathers weekly with others who battle cancer.

Now, there were tears shed tonight for many reasons. Mainly because it’s just not easy for anyone to endure this kind of battle. I told dad I can’t understand everything he is feeling. I do know what it feels to feel hopeless. Like there is no way humanly possible for me to change anything. I also know what it’s like for God to intervene completely into my situation. For God to do more than the doctors said was possible.

God has now called me to share with others the hope I found in the midst of my greatest brokenness. Not a tear, fear or pain in my past been wasted. God keeps using it to rebuild me stronger than ever. God keeps using it to show others what He can do once we’re completely out of his way.

I’m so glad my dad and I can walk together through this season. I sincerely treasure every conversation. I hate to see his ongoing battle. However, I see God at work everyday in his life. I love my dad and mom so much. And, I ask you to keep praying for him and her. When your back is completely against the wall you need prayer warriors more than ever. I would greatly appreciate you continuing to lift them up.

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

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