Our Favorite 19 Year Old

Yesterday we celebrated my 21 year old. Today, we celebrate my 19 year old son. We named him Joel Andrew Crosby when he was born. Joel means “God with us.” Joel has always been a special young man. He cares deeply about other people and we care deeply about him.

I’ve got a lot of stories to tell about Joel. For instance, that time he decided to drink the neon liquid out of a glow stick just to see what it tasted like. His older brother Matthew nearly passed out on the spot observing that spontaneous event. He was convinced Joel was gonna die. Of course, Joel not only easily survived, but found out his brother really does love him. We recommend you don’t try that at home.

Now, I will stop right there with the Joel stories. I certainly don’t want to upset him on his special day. We are very proud of Joel and his accomplishments. He is not only a great son, but one day will be an amazing dad. Joel is funny, smart, and loves deeply. I’m very proud to be Joel’s dad. Happy 19th Birthday Joel and thanks for many unforgettable moments. Life wouldn’t be the same without you.

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