Keep Praying For Dad

In so many ways this Christmas will be different and full of emotions. It remains to be seen if our entire family will gather together at all. Dad has certainly had his share of setbacks lately. He spent hours at the emergency room this past Saturday due to extreme pain in his eye. He was sent home on antibiotics and told he had a bad case of cellulites.

However, it turns out that his recent radiation has been his biggest issue. He hoped the radiation would reduce his pain. Turns out it has greatly increased his pain. He thought the radiation was treating the cancer. Turns out it can’t do anything for the actual cancer. It’s just one disappointment after another for him and mom.

Dad has taken some morphine along with other pain meds since Saturday. He pretty much has to do whatever necessary to endure this constant pain. Mom called the dr today due to dad’s ongoing discomfort. They ordered ER Morphine for him temporarily until this stuff settles down. We are praying optimistically that happens soon.

Doctor said the cellulitis does cause pain. They also said his jaw is probably hurting because of the radiation he had. That it is not uncommon to have it radiate downward after having the radiation on the nerves above. With consistent meds dad’s not in severe pain but in constant pain.

All I know is dad’s body is getting so much weaker. I can tell talking with him that it’s so hard to fight this disease. God is still giving me the pleasure of praying for him every night by phone. But, him and mom certainly need more prayers. I would appreciate you continuing to lift them both up to a God who cares deeply about them.

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