Drastic Decline In Platelets

You can look at dad’s numbers and see how drastically his blood platelet levels have dropped over time. The last few months of chemotherapy have really been tough on his body. There are so many different kinds of chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma Cancer. However, this particular one is obviously not agreeing with dad’s system. I’m praying the doctor makes a change very soon.

Containing dad’s cancer has been critical. It’s not just fighting the cancer, but holding back extra pain. However, his platelet numbers have drastically changed since first discovering his cancer back in December 2019. In the past 3 months alone dad’s platelet numbers have been reduced to 1/13th of what they were before.

They’ve made it clear his present chemotherapy is likely the catalyst for such low platelets. Also, his struggling aortic heart valve can lower them. Both of these things have collided together the past few months. They did give dad a platelet transfusion. But, it will take time to elevate things. They just arrived home and both are exhausted. We’re just asking God to keep showing us the next right step. We are very thankful for every prayer!

Past 3 Months Of Platelets Declining…

2/4/21 239
2/24/21 169

3/3/21 120
3/17-21 82
3/24-21 46

4/21/21 35
4/28/21 (Today) 18

This all started the same time dad started this new chemotherapy!

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28

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