In The Valley God Is There

I know I’ve been pretty silent concerning any updates on my dad. That’s because sometimes you just don’t know exactly where things are headed. Dad continues to be very fatigue and not feeling like doing much of anything. Honestly, we’ve barely had one full conversation the last two weeks. I’m lucky if we exchange a few words and have prayer. Dad is just in a tough place physically, emotionally and mentally.

Dad, Mom & Asher Thanksgiving 2020

While I keep in contact daily it’s not always guaranteed that dad is even up for a brief prayer. It’s obvious that’s it’s just tough to be in his body. Mom continues to make sure dad stays as comfortable as possible. Doctors have simply put everything on hold at the moment. His chemotherapy and heart valve surgery are all paused until further notice.

For the second straight week dad has had to have a full platelet and blood transfusion. It appears dad’s progressed cancer is keeping his blood platelets from rising. Yesterday, they gave dad more blood platelets. Then, due to antibodies still in his blood. Dad had to go back to the hospital today for his special ordered blood transfusion.

Mom certainly has a lot weighing on her shoulders. She is basically playing nurse morning, day and night. We keep hoping things will change for the better. But, so far dad’s decline appears to be the only thing certain at times. He continues to lose weight, strength and drive. However, he has certainly felt lower before. It’s just this time some of his cancer numbers are much higher.

For now, dad will receive the palliative care he needs. Hopefully, him and mom will have the in home support they need in this season. Next Friday, dad will see one of his oncologist for a further evaluation. All we really know right now is dad’s body is just too weak to start back any chemotherapy or to replace his leaking heart valve. We’re leaving all the rest in God’s hands. Please keep praying for dad and mom. I wish there was an easy button I could mash on their behalf. However, this kind of valley you can only walk through with God’s help.

“Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.” Psalm 23:4

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