Dad Is Just Wiped Out

Written May 5th, 2021

Dad has been spending most of his recent days in the bed. It has been obvious he can barely hold his head up most of the time. Mom has been doing an excellent job of trying to keep him comfortable morning, day and night. But, time has revealed that things haven’t been trending in a better direction.

Dad went to Charleston Oncology earlier to get his blood platelets checked. Afterwards, the nurse called us back to discuss his lab results. Despite dad’s blood platelet transfusion a week ago. Dad’s numbers have only gotten worse.

First, we discovered dad has lost another 10 pounds since his last weight check. Secondly, dad’s blood platelet level has now dropped from 18 down to 4. Also, dad’s blood level has dropped to a dangerous level. He also appears the be very dehydrated.

Dad and mom are presently at Trident Hospital where they will spend the rest of the day. Dad is getting both a blood platelet and blood transfusions. He told us he is just absolutely wiped out. It’s all he can do to think and process the next steps.

Please keep those prayers coming. The heart break of these reality checks are so hard to swallow for them both. They say dad should definitely feel some better later today after he gets the blood transfusion. Tomorrow we will meet with a palliative care nurse. Plus, his heart doctor will be informed of his current status. God only knows what each day will bring. Whatever comes our way I know God has a plan.

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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