Just 15 Hours Away

Dad Will Be Missed!

Well, it’s the night before my daddy’s funeral. With every hour that passes reality speaks loudly. My dad is no longer living in this world. He’s got a new home and eternal address. He’s in Heaven where everything is perfect and pain free.

However, for now I have to get used to this earthly life without him. No doubt I’m going to miss him. Lord knows my mom is going to grieve deeply. None of us really know how life will change for us. But, we do know things have already changed for the better for him. And, one day through Christ we will all be reunited in Heaven.

My youngest son Asher has definitely struggled to process his granddaddy’s passing. Prior to dad’s death my son had never had a prayer not answered his way. He said, “Daddy, that’s not what I asked God to do. I wanted to keep granddaddy here with us.” Of course, we’ve had to tell him that God always does what He knows is best. Even if it hurts and we’re left shaking our heads.

The first night after dad’s death Asher asked to sleep with me and my wife. He told his momma something I’ve never heard. He said, “maybe when I go to sleep I will see granddaddy in my dreams.” Lord, what do you say to an 11 year old that is experiencing his first death of such a close loved one.

Earlier today our family went and saw my dad in his casket. He looked very peaceful despite how cancer broke down his body. Because of dad’s condition the casket will likely be closed during his visitation. All I’m praying is that dad’s funeral will be everything God wants it to be. Everything shared will come from much prayer and love.

There’s no doubt my daddy was a world changer. Tomorrow will only lead to more lives impacted through him. I’ve asked God to do whatever He wants done. I will share and sing what my dad requested. My brothers will share powerful testimonies of how dad impacted their life.

Tomorrow is going to be a true life celebration and tribute to God. My dad lived his entire life seeking to give God all the glory. Pray that God moves in a powerful way. Pray God changes many lives listening. I’m exhausted so I’m going to bed.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

1 Comments on “Just 15 Hours Away”

  1. Loved and respected your Dad, just as we love you & Aimee and sons especially, and all of your family! He was a very special servant of our Savior & Lord and a faithful husband and father!


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