Counting The Blessings

I’m well aware that grieving the loss of my dad will take time. I know ahead are a year of firsts without him. In fact, I’m sure there will be many times throughout life where his presence will be majorly missed. However, I also know I must continue to count my blessings today and everyday. So, here are five things I can celebrate even now.

First, I celebrate that I know where my daddy lives now. By grace, through faith in Christ alone he will forever reside in Heaven. A place of perfect peace, no pain, and no more tears. He is doing better than ever and smiling ear to ear. I can only imagine the joy in his heart.

Secondly, I celebrate that I will see my dad again. While I hate facing our temporary time apart. I can look forward to our reunion in Heaven together one day. In Christ, there are no forever goodbyes. So dad I will see you later.

Thirdly, I celebrate that I had my dad for 46 years of my life. He could’ve never made it back from the Vietnam war. He could’ve died many years before due to many very close calls. But, God allowed us years to share together. I got to feel his love for me and express my love for him.

Fourthly, I celebrate the lessons learned. My dad showed me how to walk with God. How to be a good husband and father. Dad taught me how to face adversity and keep walking by faith. Dad showed me how to live and even how to die. Nothing he taught me will be wasted.

Finally, I celebrate I’m still not fatherless. Sure, I will miss my earthly father for a little while. But, my Heavenly Father will continue to watch over me. I will never be alone and I can always call on God the Father. I will miss my daddy with skin. But, my Heavenly Father will walk with me until the very end of this life and forever in the next life. God used my earthly Father to connect me to my forever father.

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” Philippians 1:3

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