Another Year Older

Well, Little Faith Walker is no longer so little. He turned 12 years old today and is nearly as tall as me. God keeps growing him and shaping him daily. I can still see God’s call upon his life on a daily basis.

At his age I wasn’t even thinking about doing the things he has done. God’s presence just seems to pour through his veins. God’s power flows through his prayers. God’s spirit flows through his agape love.

I try my best to teach him everything I have learned. Of course, I just have to dive through the God windows of opportunity. Much like my dad just showed me how to minister to others. I try to show him by my actions. I believe God always equips those He calls to any particular mission.

I ask you to join me in continuing to pray for him. That God might keep drawing him closer. That God might keep strengthening his abilities for mission that lies ahead. While I may be his father, my son has often been a spiritual encourager to me. He teaches me daily how to live with a childlike faith. Oh that God might protect him from the evil one who will do anything to take Asher down. Thanks for all your prayers and birthday wishes!

One of my favorite old pics.

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