Giving God All The Praise

I typically get on here when my pain is unbearable. This post is polar opposite of the norm. I really do believe this is the most consistent my health has been in a very long time. I’ve been able to handle way more mentally, emotionally and physically lately. I am so thankful for God’s strength and peace each day.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cruise

While, I may not be completely healed my endurance and strength has grown so much. My spinal cord stimulator seems to be keeping my nerve pain in check. My hand appears to have no more lingering nerve pain after a procedure done four weeks ago.

Tonight, is the first time I’ve even had to soak in epsom salt in several weeks. I just feel normal again in my mind and outlook on life. I’m back to being able to help others again and that fills my heart with joy. I know I’ve got to continue to live a recovery lifestyle. But where I am now is better than I’ve felt in least 7 years of so many continuous health issues.

I give God all the honor, glory, and praise for the miracles happening in my life.

The following is a scripture I used to meditate on daily especially in my lowest days.

“So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning.”
Job 42:12

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