A Great Man Of God

This man of God has been my favorite teaching pastor all my life. I watched him on tv and listened to him countless times on the radio. Since I was a child he’s had such great influence on my life. There were so many things about him that made him extremely relatable. Even his son has become a very impactful pastor and communicator.

I can’t ever remember a sermon he preached that didn’t feel like God was speaking straight to me. You could tell he was always striving to walk with God and let God work through him. He communicated God’s grace without compromising God’s word. He was very wise and yet such a practical teacher. He was very compelling and yet so genuine. He was God fearing and yet so compassionate. He was imperfect and yet so very faithful.

Pastor Charles Stanley thanks so much for the impact you’ve made on my life and countless others. Your legacy will continue to impact the kingdom of God. I pray to become half the man your were throughout your ministry. I can’t imagine how many folks you will see in Heaven because of your faithfulness. Please tell my dad hello for me. WELL DONE THY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!

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