Many would say this is just another week. Work, school, eat, sleep, and then get back up and do it all again. But, I have to ask myself WHAT WILL I DO WITH THIS WEEK?….I ask this for the following reasons….

A.  This week could be the last week of my life.

What if these are the final days of your life here on this earth? Will you regret the choices you make? Will you finish well or leave with much unfinished business? Will you live for things that are meaningless or things that actually have eternal value? Whether you think so or not, these could be your last days to make things right with God and with others you dearly love. So, why wait my friend!

B.  This week presents many unique opportunities.

Everyday is gift and full of appointments God has prepared for us in advance. Those appointments will either pass you by or you will seize the God moments. From the random strangers you will meet to those you share life with everyday…..OPPORTUNITY WILL KNOCK. Don’t miss the moments and don’t bank on those moments of opportunity being there later.

C.  This week has eternal value.

I know you’re not a pastor so you don’t need to hear this part, right. WRONG! If you call yourself a Christian you have orders from your Commander and Chief Jesus Christ. GO and be a light to all who come in contact with you this week. GO and live in such a way that others see Jesus living in you and through you. And, GO and tell as many people as you can while you can that JESUS LOVES THEM, JESUS DIED FOR THEM, & JESUS WANTS TO SAVE THEM. Remember, it is believed that 7 out of every 10 people who pass you by don’t know Jesus. No Jesus, No Peace. No Jesus, No Heaven. What don’t you share with them what God has so graciously done in your life and would love to do in theirs.

Man, the possibilites for this week are endless. The only question that remains is what will you do this week?


  1. build your blog and motivates me to stay active in the struggle to live day and teach people to find their eternal opportunity may be the last of his life … blessings from Nicaragua. Pastor Josue


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