We all live in this broken world together. From your house to the White House there are problems on every corner. More important to note there are hurting people everywhere. Whether you’re in Walmart, at a ball game, or even at church there are people on every side that need help, hope, and someone to give a rip. My friends why can’t that someone be you. Here are five excuses I hear often…

I’M TOO BUSY….If you are too busy to care about someone, encourage someone, or do something for someone other than yourself….YOU ARE TOO BUSY. Life is more than dollars and sense, more than personal accomplishment, and people are way more important. The second greatest commandment Jesus said is to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” So, why not slow down, consider the needs of others, and see if God can use you to bring some light to someone today and everyday.

I”VE GOT MY OWN PROBLEMS……Yep…me too. In fact, I’ve got more things in my life today than I’ve ever had to juggle and keep up with. But, that’s no excuse for not helping those around me. In fact, it only makes me want to help them that much more because I know how life can get out of hand and times are tough. The joyous life is the one that is lived as an offering to God and others. Anyone who lives self absorbed and centered on their own world will be more stressed and miss out on a lots of blessings. Because it is way more blessed to give than it is to receive. Go do something for someone that picks them up and lightens their load. And, everyday remind yourself that life ain’t all about you!

THOSE PEOPLE MADE THEIR BED LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT…..I’m not going to touch this one in detail. But, we’ve all made and continue to make mistakes in this life. Some things in our lives we’ve created and some things we inherit because of other people’s poor decisions. It really doesn’t matter. We are called to love people where they are and look for ways to lift their spirits. Don’t tear them down, but realize they are just like you longing for hope and a brighter tomorrow.

WHY SHOULD I CARE……God created every one of us in His own image. That makes everyone of us special, unique, and beaming with God given potential. We should care because God cares. Scripture says that “whatever we’ve done unto the least of these we’ve done unto God.” From your attitude to your actions you either breath life into others or suck the life out of them. We should care for others just as God cares for us. Unconditionally and with no strings attached. Go out of your way to do for others with no strings attached.

I DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO…..One, seeek to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, what might encourage me if I were going through that storm. Two, just let them know you care and you’re thinking about them. Three, take the time to listen. I’ll never forget someone telling me they ran into their pastor at the mall one evening. They were going through some heavy stuff at that time and so they asked their pastor if he would have prayer with them that day. He said, “I’m sorry, but I’m off the clock.” (You don’t want to know what I think of that preacher) My friends here is the point. You should always be caring, loving, and looking for ways to come along side those who are struggling in this life. We need each other and every bit of love and support goes a long way…

*For the people around you who are hurting, harrassed, and feeling hopeless..WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?

(Matthew 9:36) When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

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