I grew up in church all my life. I recall that there were always some who sought to protest the celebration of Halloween. I do understand that some feel this holiday was birthed by darkness, but I think very few of us who celebrate Halloween today ever see it as a time of darkness. I’ve celebrated Halloween all my life and every thought I have of this annual holiday is good. Here is why Halloween is worth celebrating.

HALLOWEEN is a time that every kid can be a kid.

Even us grown ups have a little kid within us if we dare to let it out. Kids loves to use their imagination, play dress up, play games, and of course eats lots of candy. Childhood goes by way too fast, so why not let kids be kids.

HALLOWEEN is a time families come together.

We live in a day and time where kids are fourtunate if they ever do something with Mom and Dad involved. However, many families will come together as they march down the streets going house to house in search of candy treasure.  For most, its good, clean, and quality family time.

HALLOWEEN is a time that neighbors meet neighbors.

Let’s be honest most of us don’t even bother to meet those who live next door to us and we rarely even get together with our friends. But, on this creepy night of ghosts and goblins neighbors from all over will come together and for once feel a sense of community with others.

HALLOWEEN is a time to show God’s love through a little piece of candy.

When you’re trick or treating it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, the color of your skin, or how much money you make you can get candy.  I personaly think churches miss out on a huge opportunity when they don’t host a carnival or trunk or treat event. If this is an evil holiday, I think it’s a great opportunity to use something that was intended for evil, for the good of all, and even the glory of God.

I’ve always wondered who thought up this brilliant idea of just saying, “TRICK OR TREAT” and then candy falls in your pumpkin. Even as you get older and too big to trick or treat, you can still be a part of this special night. As you drop candy in a child’s bucket you have the opportunity to bring a smile to their face and a happy ending to their night. Trust me with four boys 13, 11, 9, and almost 3 yrs old I know that every piece of candy matters.

*Now, after reading this you may still feel that Halloween is not right for you and your family. But, for me and my little goblins we can’t wait until next year!


  1. Craig, we fully agree with you , holloween is the biggest time of the year that you see Mom’s and Dad’s out having family time with their kids. Then we wonder what is happing to our kids today , they need more family life. We love Halloween just as the kids do ,sharing candy and treats with the kids gives us joy too.


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