Being a leader sounds good, but is never easy. Everyone wants to call the shots, but few consider all the shots a leader must learn to take and keep on trucking. If you’re a leader and want to be successful you must take the following five things to heart. These things can apply to parents, teachers, and other areas of leadership.

#1  Lead by example.

Many leaders lose all credibility because they don’t practice what they preach, they don’t operate with integrity, and they don’t go the extra mile themselves. People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do. In order to lead others you must rise above the crowd and mediocrity. A leader is someone who is willing to move forward even if everyone else bails.

#2  Learn from your mistakes.

The longer we live the more we can recount our many shortcomings. It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen down, but you must learn how to get back up. Mistakes can be road blocks or building blocks. Don’t live in the past, but make sure you learn from the past. Learn from your experiences and for sure learn from your mistakes.

#3  Look for teaching moments.

Everyday things happen and life is full of lessons. When dealing with the highs and lows look for teaching moments. Instead of allowing the situation to scatter your team allow the situation to bring you all closer together. Evaluate, discuss, and use what life throws your way as an opportunity to grow.

#4  Lift those around you.

The longer I live the more I realize the value of others. None of us can accomplish great things alone. We need others and we each have strengths and weaknesses. A good leader looks for ways to compliment the efforts of others, not just point out each other’s many faults. Leaders are developed, not born like some would say. You show me a man or woman that has great character and leadership and I promise you will find someone in their past who chose to invest and lift them to new heights.

#5  Listen to criticism.

This is my least favorite, but I know it is critical that I listen to the criticism of others. Listening to criticism will help you see where your communication may or may not be clear, your processes might not be working, and your approach to leadership may not be the best. As leaders we must learn to not take everything people say about us so personal, but allow what they say to contribute to our personal development.

*Just some thoughts as God continues to teach and mold me!


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