Do You Feel All Alone?

There are times when we all, feel alone in this life. Through heartache, pain, and all sorts of strife.

We feel so abandoned, and out of control. We can barely see light, at the bottom of the hole

We pray without ceasing, but worry much more. We don’t have the strength, to pick ourselves off the floor.

What can we do, and what can we say. We would do anything, to have peace come our way

Then we see Jesus, with his arms open wide. We’re reminded that He, has never left our side.

We have been here before, and we will be here again. Where we realize Jesus, is not a fair weather friend.

He has proven and promised, to always be there. Regardless if life, ever, ever seems fair

As the tide rolls in, whether low or high. Remember that God, is not just there in the sky.

His Spirit is with us, and His presence is near. As long as God is with you, there is nothing to fear

Our emotions will fool us, and make us feel at our end. But God will not leave, nor forsake us my friend.

God is always with you, from beginning to end. And regardless what happens, His Goodness won’t end.

2 Comments on “Do You Feel All Alone?”

  1. Good Buddy, You’re doing very good writing! May God keep on filling your mind and heart with such!


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