Grieving Through The Holidays

Pastor Craig Crosby

           Growing up as a child I never fully understood why my Grandma struggled so much to get in the Christmas spirit. She would say things like “I might not even put up a tree this year” or “I might not even get out a single decoration this Christmas.” I had no idea why she wouldn’t be thrilled especially during the happiest time of the year. Years later I realize that after she lost her youngest daughter to cancer things just weren’t the same for the holidays.

            I bet many of you reading this can so relate to my Grandma’s holiday blues.  You miss so much that person you thought would always be a part of your life. You have never gotten used to living without them and you feel you never will. You miss their smile, their hugs, and especially their presence. You know the holidays will come…

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    There is nothing more difficult for human minds to process than the loss of a loved one. For many reasons, the holidays make it painfully obvious that someone is missing from the annual family gathering. This coming Sunday, December 8th @ 4p.m. you’re invited to join our Amedisys Hospice of Walterboro Staff, as I lead out our Annual Memorial Service. The event will be held @ the fellowship of hall of Grace Advent Church, 398 Mt. Carmel Rd, Walterboro, SC. We’ve designed this to encourage families throughout our community that have suffered recent loss of a loved one. I promise you will leave encouraged.


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