10 Reasons I Love My Dad

Before I go any further, I want to wish all you dads a belated Father’s Day. As a father of four boys myself, I know that being a dad is not a small order, unless you choose to water it down. I’m also afraid that due to all the dads missing in actions, dads that are trying their best get overlooked. I will say that I’m a momma’s boy, but I also realize that my dad played a very significant role in the man I am today. Here are the Top 10 Things I’m Most grateful my dad while raising me from a boy to a man.

#1:  He Loved Me – I’ve never doubted my dad’s love for me. He told me and he showed me he loved me everyday of my life. I can’t ever remember a time where I felt unloved. Thanks Dad!

#2: He Loved My Mom – In this day and age, I realize I’m very fortunate that my parentsare still together after all these years. He may not have been a perfect husband, but he meant it when he said “Until Death Do We Part.” Thanks Dad for loving my mom and being committed to your marriage. 

#3 He Did His Best to Provide – My dad taught me how to work hard and do what you can to make sure your family has what they need. We were not rich, but we never went without. Thanks dad for your diligence, hard work, and commitment to providing for our family. 

#4:He Did His Best to Protect– I know my dad can’t protect me from everything, but he did his best to make sure we were safe and sound. I still know he’s my body guard. So, watch out are he might kill you. Thanks Dad! 

#5:He Introduced Me To Jesus– There were many who influenced my faith, but I still remember praying to receive Jesus into my heart on my dad’s bed. He made it clear that the most important decision a person could ever make is to accept Jesus in to their heart. Thanks Dad for leading me to Jesus. 

#6: He taught me to fear and serve God. In my home, there was no doubt who created us and who we are to serve in this life. My dad lived with  a healthy fear of God and a unwavering commitment to serving God in his everyday life. Thanks Dad! 

#7: He used his belt. Anyone in my family can testify that spankings were my least favorite. But, I’m glad that I had a dad who would not allow bad behavior to go unnoticed. He disciplined me out of love and kept me out of world of trouble in the process. Thanks Dad for using that Big Black Belt that made me leap all away across the bed in single bound! 

#8: He sought to live with Integrity. Listen, my dad wasn’t perfect. He had many faults, but he always tried to be a man of integrity. To be honest, fair, and live right in the eyes of God. Dad thanks for living with integrity. 

#9: He taught me how to love others. My mom and dad have always been willing to do anything for anyone. My dad showed me how to put others above myself and how to come alongside those who are less fortunate. I’ve always loved that he has not favorites and does not take sides. Thanks Dad for teaching me how to love others.

#10: He still cares to this day. Honestly, my dad has just gotten better with age. He makes it known that he cares and He still goes above and beyond to support me. I’m so grateful for a dad who has stayed committed to loving me, coaching me, and caring for me as long as he has breath.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my dad is not Superman. But, I’ll put his efforts and heart above most. Thanks Dad for all of the above and many other things I did not have time to mention.

*If you’re a dad reading this please know that your value is priceless. You need to be involved or get involved in your child’s life. They are watching you and will often follow in your footsteps.

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