Cry Your Eyes Out

    Tears I’ve always been a pretty sensitive guy. My heart goes out to anyone going through a tough time. I hate to see another person hurting and I’m always looking for a way to lend a helping hand. While my compassion for others has only grown over time, I’ve found that I don’t cry very often. I guess God knew I was in need of a flood of tears.
     I deal with so many crisis situations that nothing surprises me anymore. Broken marriages, suicidal souls, terminally ill patients, and those struggling to keep their lights on is a daily reality. However, I’ve learned that we’ve all got limits as to the amount of crisis we can intake. Recently, I reached my maximum capacity of grief and only prayer, processing, and tears could get me through this time.
     I’ve heard some very ignorant people say “real men don’t cry.” Well, I prefer not to be a real man if that is the case. Tears literally flush the soul. Often we try to stop the tears from falling. Many tell friends and family to suck it up and deal with it. Yes, we all have to deal with what is in front of us. But, part of dealing with it is working through the hurt, the pain, and heartache associated with this life.
    So many things in this life leave you speechless and overwhelmed. At that moment, you must surround yourself with necessary support. Scripture tells us two or better than one because when one is down the other can pick him up. You have to find someone who cares about you and can journey with you through your griefs. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re in a dark hole all alone. Call your momma, your daddy, your best friend, whoever you know cares, but call somebody.
    As you process your feelings and faith, don’t be afraid to cry. The tears say you are dealing with the pain. The tears are God’s way of flooding out of your system the things that have built up over time. Deep grief strikes you when you least expect it. Like a virus that has just surfaced, you are suddenly emotionally distraught. You know in your heart that you will feel so much better if you just cry a river.
    I guess I just saw and heard too much. My heart was crushed as I felt helpless to deal with the needs around me. I could feel the tears swelling within my soul. I knew I had reached my limit. Suddenly, I just had to pull on the side of the road and cry my eyes out. I could hear God’s voice saying, “My child, just get it out, I’m here for you and its going to be ok.” I cried, I prayed and I felt so much better after that Heavenly cleansing. Maybe you just need to cry it out. I promise you will feel better afterwards. I’m certain God is pro-tears. John 11:35 says even “Jesus wept.”

One Comment on “Cry Your Eyes Out

  1. All that we have been called to Pastoral Service at some point have had to mourn … I want to keep doing it as often as necessary if somehow we demonstrate the presence of Jesus with the suffering indentificándose through us your unworthy servants …


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