What Could Kill Your Marriage?


I’ve watched countless marriages crash and burn over time. After counseling many couples and being married for over 19 years myself, here are five things I’ve seen kill a lot of marriages. Hopefully, you are able to take these concerns to heart before they kill your marriage.

#1: Lack of COMMITMENT. For many today, marriage is just a piece of paper. When there is no value of the vows made Satan can easily rock the boat in a temporary love affair. As soon as one partner doesn’t “feel in love” things go south quickly. It’s time to move on to another relationship according to today’s society. One thing we need to learn from the older generation for sure is this, commitment still makes a difference.

#2: Lack of UNDERSTANDING.I know women are from Venus and men are from Mars. But, both husband and wife must become a student of one another. Otherwise frustration will grow and you will feel miles apart. When two people seek more to understand than to be understood their relationship will grow to new heights. Until understanding increases expect to have a surface relationship.

#3: Lack of INTIMACY. There is a reason you couldn’t be pulled apart early in the relationship. The effort towards intimacy was high and there was a longing to be together. The flame of any relationship grows dimmer when the feelings of closeness are gone. I personally know things change over time with kids and jobs in the mix. But, you can’t ever stop pursuing one another. Always be planning that next date, think of ways to show your love, and “MAKE” time for one another daily.

#4: Lack of SUPPORT. Every great ball team has great fans. Every great marriage has great support. Challenges will come and hopefully you have the right support system around you when the winds of temptation blow your way. You have to position your marriage for health and success. You need the support of family, friends, and a healthy church home. Support can pull you through otherwise unbearable times in your marriage and in life period. I’ve seen this be the case time and time again.

#5: Lack of FAITH. Oh, how often I’ve seen the lack of this one thing shatter marriages. Feelings will come and go. Life will be full of ups and downs. The only thing that stays the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow is our Almighty God. Without a right relationship with God things will fall apart. Faith is a key building block for any marriage that hopes to stand the test of time. Without it nothing is possible, with it all things are possible.

Well, this is not an exhaustive list of things marriages lack today. However, these are some key areas that every married person needs to understand could potentially kill your marriage. Don’t take any issues in your marriage lightly. Like dealing with cancer, it’s easier to tackle things in an earlier stage of development. God Bless you and your marriage.

*Should you be looking for a church home where your marriage and family can be encouraged join me at http://www.RefugeChurch.org. I promise we’ll change the way you think about church! We worship every Sunday 9:15 or 11am @ 203 Eddie Chasteen Dr, Walterboro.

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