We’re Having Another Baby

FamilyPhotoI know we’ve already got four healthy boys, only four bedrooms in the house and not a lot of free time to spare. There is no doubt in my mind that God has led us to this point in time. Yes, it has been quite challenging with four boys 14, 12, 10, & almost 4. But, we’re all excited about this one. Here are five reasons we have to give birth to this brand new movement called Refuge Church.

1. GOD CALLED US. This baby has been in the making for some time. As early as 2007 God was tugging at my heart about the Walterboro area. I could see the need and within me God was stirring a vision. After living here for nearly 3 ½ years God has not only given me a heart for Colleton County, but a vision for this church. He simply told me to lead a movement where the main focus remains Loving, Lifting, & Leading people to Jesus. We will do anything short of sin to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus.

2. THE NEED IS HUGE. Out of nearly 200 funerals I’ve been a part of the past few years, most of these folks were not connected to any church. Most are not just unchurched, but struggling, lost, falling apart, and in desperate need of place that can love, lift, and lead them through the storms of life. Nearly 30,000 folks throughout Colleton County alone have no true place of Refuge. It’s time for that change.

3. MY BOYS BEGGED ME. There are moments your children touch your heart. I still remember one night when my now 12 & 10 year old boys moved mine. One said, “Daddy, we’ve got to start this church here. There are no other ones just like this here in Walterboro.” I said, “You really think people will come?” My other son said, “Sure they will come once they hear about Refuge and you’re a good preacher.” That night God spoke to my heart through my little boys as I felt their vote of confidence in me and most of all in this vision.

4. MY WIFE IS 100% ON BOARD. Any married man making a big decision who does not check with his wife first is asking for trouble. I’ve learned over time that my wife is “usually” right. Her insight and wisdom are very important. Her complete support is priceless. After a few years of praying and processing my wife Aimee and I are walking hand in hand into this church start both feeling 100% called to this new work.

5. COUNTLESS LIVES WILL BE CHANGED. I have great faith, but I also understand reality. The reality is, most people don’t see churches or church people in a very positive light. At Refuge we will remove many of the barriers that keep people away. We don’t care what you wear, how much money you have, where you’ve been, the color of your skin or what others think about you. You will be met with great love, great truth, and it will greatly change your life.

*Refuge Church just started Sunday Morning worship on January 19th. In just a few weeks alone many families have found what they’ve been looking for. A place they can belong and become.  Join us 10:30a.m. @ the Colleton Recreation Center. We would love to have you visit!

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