Before You Start Your Journey

     Too many Believers want easy street. They just want to show up, wave a magic wand, and watch God work. I’ve often said that faith is doing all you can while trusting God to do what only He can. Amazing things happen when your faithfulness combines with God’s amazingness. Our job is to plant and water the seed, but it’s God that brings the growth. God has called us all to step out of our comfort zone, walk on water, and trust Him no matter what.    

     I just started my second church plant called Refuge. Church planting is the process of building a ministry from the ground up in hopes of reaching more souls for Christ. We’ve only met two Sunday mornings for worship and our cup is running over with opportunity. Rooms are full of infants, toddlers, children, and adults waiting for worship to begin. Due to years of ministry experience I knew before I ever accepted God’s call that I would quickly be in over my head.

     Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m very excited about what is happening and what is to come. Already many families have found a home away from home where they can experience God’s love and hear God’s truth proclaimed. But, to say it won’t take every bit of our strength, efforts, determination and prayers is crazy. Anything God calls us to is always much bigger than us. David didn’t slay Goliath with just his sling shot. Noah didn’t build that huge ark alone. Moses didn’t free the Israelites by his own power. No, each of these men did what we all must do. They simply trusted and obeyed God day by day.  God did the rest.

     We are very early in this journey of setting up the Colleton Recreation Center week in and week out. Hours and hours are put in each week alone just to get ready for a one hour worship service. A message is prepared, music is arranged, workers and classes for children Birth-5th grade are set up, people are invited, signs are put out, worship guides are created, prayers lifted, and God brings the blessing.

     I’m now seeking God’s strength, wisdom, and continued help to face another day and get ready for another week. A bed of roses was not promised, the challenges will never cease, and walking by faith is not an option. Understand, before you choose to follow Christ that it requires great sacrifice and perseverance. Don’t quit every time you face a challenge or great difficulty. God has promised that where He guides, He will provide. That no matter what He will never leave nor forsake you. Do your part and trust God to never let you down. Don’t do like most professing Christians and quit every time the going gets tough.

 “Jesus said, “If anyone is to come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.” -Luke 9:23

 Refuge Church meets every Sunday 10:30am @ the Colleton Recreation Center.  We will change the way you think about church.

Refuge Come As You Are

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