Tim McGraw Is Now A Preacher?


Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

   “I drank a lot from my point of view and I needed to stop,” McGraw said. “I felt quitting was something I needed to do. I didn’t feel I had any moral high ground with my kids in the long run.” I believe he has been sober since 2008. You know he is married to a lady named Faith and he did tell us to “Live Like You Were Dying.” I actually think many are getting that memo, but many need to still hear the following truth shared in one of his most powerful songs. No truer words could describe the rural southeast than Tim McGraw’s popular song “Drugs Or Jesus.”

     “In my home town for anyone who sticks around. You’re either lost or you’re found. There’s not much in between. In my home town, everything’s still black and whiteIt’s a long, long way from wrong to right, from Sunday morning to Saturday night. Everybody just wants to get high. Sit and watch a perfect world go by. We’re all looking for love and meaning in our lives. We follow the roads that lead us. To drugs or Jesus”

     I just met a guy in the ICU, shortly after his wife found him nearly dead from a drug overdose. His wife cried uncontrollably as she couldn’t get the recent event out of her mind. She explained how she fought to keep her husband alive prior to emergency personal arriving on the scene. I’m afraid this scene and many others are far too common. I’m convinced that most of us are still living in denial. This isn’t the world your Grandma grew up in and its time everyone wakes up.

    I can just hear this all too common responses of many. “These people got what they deserved and they are nothing but trash. We all reap what we sow and I don’t feel sorry for them at all.” If this is what you were thinking and would have said, then you’ve got greater problems than they do. You’ve obviously never left your house, don’t understand the power of addiction, and don’t have a bit of Christ-like compassion living within you.

    Over the past many years I have seen plenty of things that would make Jerry Springer blush. In the past few years alone living in Colleton County, I’ve seen enough to conclude that these unfortunate situations happen all the time. Good luck in finding ANY family who has not seen one if not several in their family battle with alcoholism, addiction, and the chaos associated with it all. It’s not the minority, but the majority around us that are literally battling for their life on a daily basis.

    I believe suicide rarely happens by someone in their right mind. Often, you discover someone who felt bound by an addiction or disorder, loaded with some substance, mixed with a feeling of no one really cares that leads to one taking their life. Although in many cases someone does care, very few have learned how to really show it. Later this leads to not only a loss of a troubled loved one, but those who are left behind to live with regrets for years to come. Please allow me to briefly share some truths that could help.

#1: Christians Must Wake Up. If you claim to be a Jesus follower, you need to wake up. For years the church has put together no real effort towards understanding and ministering to these folks. Most churches are designed for people who like things easy, quiet, polished, and the preacher to make sure his sermon is done by lunch time. This is not our God called mission. God has called us to “GO” to the hurting, take the gospel to the “SICK” and allow Christ’s compassion to lead us in every way. To fail to do nothing is a total disregard of what Jesus died for, Sinners like you and me.

#2: People Start Showing You Care.  Some of the most powerful words ever spoken were, “People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care.” Listen, you can say all the right things, pray all the right prayers, and diagnose the problem all day. But, if you don’t prove to that person that you truly care and “LOVE” them, you are wasting your time. Most people struggling already feel judged, misunderstood, and terrible about the roads they have taken. They don’t need your self-righteous evaluation or gossip, they need your unconditional love. Until you learn how to meet people where they are with God’s love, they will continue to feel like a project.

#3: They Need Jesus. Parents, you’re right there is nothing more you can do to fix that troubled child. Friends, you’re right that you can’t fix that person who has been bound for years by the power of alcohol, drugs, and addiction. In fact, to the person reading this who is bound by such addiction you can’t fix this either. Statistics have proven that apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ, God’s son who died to set us free on that cross, we’re all hopeless. Yes, a person does have to want help. Yes, a person does need support from friends and family. And, yes intervention programs and process serve a part in recovery. But, nothing apart from God’s power to save, heal, and deliver us can any man or woman find freedom.

    For the many who battle powerful addictions, I believe they make up the majority. We need to pray for them, not throw rocks at them. We need to love them and quit just trying to lecture them. And, we need to understand that behind every drive to some drug, is someone trying to numb the pain within them. They are likely still struggling to forget things they’ve experience, forgive those who have abused them and are still longing to find just someone who cares more than condemns.

www.RefugeChurch.org “Well Change The Way You Think About Church, Join us Sundays 10:30a.m @ the Colleton Recreation Center, 280 Recreation Lane, Walterboro, SC 29488.

*Check it this song & video if you’ve never heard have…It’s called “Cry Out To Jesus” By Third Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmVxRl5bc4Y

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