Don’t Miss This Party

     Let's PartyMany throughout the world are looking for a party. That place where they can feel like somebody, celebrate with their friends and later say I was there. There is a party coming up that you don’t want to miss. It’s an annual party that many still don’t understand its’ significance, otherwise they would not miss this event. Let me explain for those not aware of what I’m talking about it.

     Over 2000 years ago a man named Jesus was sent down from Heaven. Born in a lowly manger he would later die just 33 years later on an old rugged cross. On that cross, he proved God’s love for every man, woman, boy, and girl. Because of man’s sin a sacrifice had to be made. Jesus, God’s son became that sacrifice so that you, me, and anyone who chooses to believe in him can be forgiven and have eternal life.

   This Easter many will be visited by the Easter Bunny. Many will gather for food and fellowship with their family. Yet, many will absolutely miss the party. You see, we celebrate because God sent us a Savior. We celebrate because not only did Jesus die for us, but he arose from the grave. In Christ, we find everything we’ve always been looking for in life. By grace, through faith our lives are resurrected, our fears removed and eternal hope found.

     Jesus invites us all this Easter to celebrate hope together. A hope that is not dependent upon our circumstance, our past or present, or who considers us worthy. Romans 5:8 says, “Even while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Meaning at this party all are welcome, all are invited, and all can find eternal hope.

   I pray you each have a great spring break. I also pray that this Easter Sunday, April 20th you might join the party. Find a Christ centered church near you and join them for worship. Don’t go thinking you have to, but thank God you get to. Consider all that Christ has done for you. Celebrate his death, burial and resurrection. And, never forget that this party not only impacts this life, but the life to come. Happy Easter!

   If you don’t have a church home Pastor Craig Crosby invites you to join him Sunday 10:30a.m. @ the Colleton Recreation Center. Come as you are, wear what you have, and never expect to leave the same.

For those on facebook, click on the following link for details concerning our upcoming Easter experience @ Refuge Church.!/events/1407966016140166/

1 Comments on “Don’t Miss This Party”

  1. Quite an announcement with thought-provoking truths! Have a great time whenever you gather in His Name! To Him be all the glory, honor, and praise! So good to see an updated photo of Aimee and the fellows with you! See you soon! F & CY  


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