Don’t Blink Parents

If you have kids you will especially understand what I’m about to say. One moment you’re celebrating their birth and the next you’re bracing yourself for their departure. You hear people tell you early on that they grow up so fast. Well, those people are absolutely correct.

I still recall the dramatic entrance of my firstborn son of four. We all anxiously awaited for that little girl to arrive. Two ultrasounds had revealed it would definitely be a princess. God showed us all who really knows things when we were surprised with a 9 pound 10 ounce boy. We were in shock for the first 24 hours and finally came up with the name Matthew which means “Gift From God.”

I’ve found that each child has been a total gift from God. Sure you have your battle of wills contest when they hit the teenage years. But, I wouldn’t trade any one of my four boys for any amount of money. But, what’s starting to become my reality is whether I like it or not they are growing up way too quick.

This past year I cried way harder than I expected when my oldest son graduated. Now, I’m already pondering the life altering fact that my next to the oldest will graduate next school year. How can this be when it was just yesterday we started our young family. We did start young marrying when we were just 22 and 20. Then our first son was born just two years later.

I recall so many vacations where everyone was nothing but smiles. We played on the beach, experienced snow for the first time, fished, swam, camped out and just enjoyed the constant adventures of growing up together. Now my oldest is in his first year of college and his brothers are not far behind. I guess that’s why I really cling to every moment. I especially cling to every moment with my youngest knowing time is flying.

Parents may we not let time just pass us by before we wake up. A house doesn’t make a home. The family inside that house makes a home. Don’t miss another minute or the next special moment. Seize the joys God has placed in front of you and know that children are a true gift from God. But, in the blink of an eye those gifts will grow up so treasure them each day.

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

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