In The Wilderness

God Help UsI’ve been in the bed the past 12 hours in a somewhat sleeping state. Had to sit up in the bed and sleep due to something continuing make my heart feel like it’s racing. Anytime I check my heart rate or blood pressure both are fine. All this morning my legs and my chest have been vibrating continuously. I had already turned my stimulator down a couple days ago, but I just turned it off to see if I’m just being over stimulated. You just never quite know what’s the root of your issue when dealing my level of nerve pain.

A new appointment with my doctor/surgeon has been made for Friday, February 9th. Instead of just going with a CT scan my doctor wants to discuss what’s best for me. As it stands right now I can’t get any MRI of my lower back unless I get my present implanted stimulator battery removed or traded out for another more MRI friendly battery. This is definitely a big issue all the way around. Whether now or later I will need a full MRI to determine any further surgery necessary. I’m simply open to whatever it takes for me to become the healthiest I can be.

Man the setbacks just keep pouring my way. I was clearly told before I got that particular stimulator it was totally “MRI Friendly.” And, I was hoping there would be no more cutting on me for at least 7 years once that battery needed to be replaced. I honestly can’t tell you these days what my greatest issues are coming from. The stimulator, the surgery, the medications, my nerve pain, or my anxiety. I’m afraid everyone of these things play a part in my health situation for good or bad.

I have to just keep praying and walking by faith. Because it’s like I’m in the wilderness and can only see the next God led step in front of me. There is a lot of trial and error going on. As well as you often feel like you’re having to play your own doctor, which is not a good feeling. But, I’m just continuing to put my life in the hands of the Greatest Physician.

“And we know God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them.” Romans 8:28

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