How To Fight With Your Spouse

One of the biggest breakdowns in a lot of relationships is not knowing how to communicate or resolve conflict. I’m trying to help some of you before Valentine’s Day and beyond. Just some flowers and candy won’t fix this issue.

Pastor Craig Crosby

couple_fightingYou name it and we’ve fought about it. Finances, house chores, children, pets, he said, she said, and everything else in between. I honestly believe that any married couple that says they don’t fight is either still on their honeymoon or just never sees one another. In the course of any day there is bound to be something that could come between us. I’ve concluded that the only thing that has changed after sixteen years of marriage is we’ve learned how to fight better than we did in the early years. Here are some things I’ve learned help you with your marriage battles.

#1 Learn how to SHUT UP. I used to think that if I had the final word then I won the battle. Actually this just leads to a bigger hole, more careless words, and resolves absolutely nothing. One of the best things to do when you find…

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