My Bend In The Road

A scenic bend in the road leading past Buena Vista

It’s my first time back on social media after having another back related surgery Tuesday morning. It was an emotional day from start to finish. I knew going into things that my body was on the verge of its breaking point. even if nothing else was added. However, I knew a third surgery in just 21 months would be quite a test.

By the way, everything went well in replacing my spinal cord stimulator battery with a bigger, more deeply placed non-rechargeable one. I was encouraged to hear that this battery will not have to be replaced for another 5-7 years versus 2-3 years as previously told. Just that little bit of good news really lifted my spirit. However, the outward swelling the size of a softball on my lower back has definitely added to my ongoing pain. I’m laying on my side right now typing this message on my phone while icing the surgical area for the one billionth time.

Once my head cleared even a little there was no better time to start reading Dr David Jeremiah’s book “When Your World Falls Apart.” It’s about “Seeing Past the Pain of the Present.” After just the first few pages alone I knew this book was for me. I can relate to almost every struggling, hopeful word spoken. And while God has been strengthening the inner man within me daily I needed to be encouraged through another fellow pastor who has found hope even through his greatest crossroads in life. Dr. David Jeremiah shares the following powerful, heartfelt, and now experienced words.

“Sometimes we come to life’s crossroads and we view what we think is the end. But God has a much wider vision and He knows it’s only a bend.
The road will go on and get smoother.
And after we’ve stopped for a rest,
the path that lies hidden behind us is often the path that is best. So rest and relax and grow stronger. Let go and let God share your load. And have faith in a brighter tomorrow. You’ve just come to a bend in the road.”

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