Dear Unchurched Friend

Death To Life
I feel led to share just a few words with you. Nothing that I will say will be from a condemning or judging attitude. In fact, I know plenty of people who go to to church that act worse than most outside of the church. But, this has nothing to do with comparing anyone or even beginning another unnecessary argument. Every word I’m about to share comes from my heart for you and what you might not realize you’re missing. 
Everyone reading this falls into one of the following categories. One, you make up the 25 percent of society that actively attends church. Two, you make up the majority of people who don’t go to church regularly, but you do find your way there on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, weddings, or funerals. Then, there are many who just don’t believe in Jesus and therefore see absolutely no value in his church. It doesn’t matter why you do or do not go you fall into one of those three categories. 

In a world that is full of constant chaos, I believe it’s critical we all find a church home. Not because going to church makes you a believer or better than anyone else. But, because it’s a proven fact that we need each other. We desperately need to find ways to come together as satan is constantly trying to pull us apart. Why? Because he knows that we’re stronger together and way more vulnerable as lone rangers. 

We also need to be encouraged together through Christ centered worship. Yes, I know you can listen to or watch sermons from your home any time. But, none of that will match the powerful encouragement that happens when believers are gathered together in Jesus name for corporate worship. You need it. Your marriage needs it. Your children need it. Honestly, I need it. 

Now, maybe you’re like many you’ve just had a lot of bad church experiences. Actually, I bet I’ve had more bad church experiences than you. Maybe you’ve actually had no church experiences at all.  Regardless, you need to know that God created the church not man. It was His idea that we come together for mutual encouragement in Christ. It was His idea that we look past one another’s imperfections and put our total faith in Jesus Christ. Isn’t it time that you consider what you might be missing by not being actively involved in a local church? At the end of the day I know you have the right to make your own decisions. But, I’m telling you that the day you find a church like the one I personally pastor you’re going to thank me for taking the time to write this note for you. 
“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”
Hebrews 10:25
Craig Crosby is senior pastor of Refuge Church of Walterboro, SC. A place you can always come as you are, but you will never leave the same. Go to for more information. 

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