My Faith Has Outgrown My Pain


I couldn’t have said these words so confidently before. Not in the midst of feeling this bad and really mean them. It’s 5 am and my body hurts so bad. I mean just throbbing with nauseous pain. My recent surgical incision feels on fire. I’m getting so tired of icing. My poor wife cares so much about making sure I can rest anytime I can she has fallen asleep way too many times on the living room couch.

My faith has truly grown so much in the past 48 hours alone that even feeling this terrible I feel so anchored and confident in God! That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna take my pain pills because that would be called stupid. God provides certain things like medicines and doctors to help us along the way. He also wants to show us along life’s way that He alone is all we need.

God, I know You are with me and for me. I know You are carrying me through this purposeful, painful valley for my good and for Your glory. Thanks for waking me up again and being such an awesome God. I believe in You and I will trust You this day! Before these were just words, but now they are proven truth in my own life.

“God is MY refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
Psalm 46:1


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