Well, ever since trying to get out and walk yesterday for exercise my battery has just not been right. The entire thing bulges out the back of my back, but one corner of it is pressing on a nerve area. I’m telling you right now that if I find out that getting this huge replacement spinal stimulator battery still didn’t make it where I could get an MRI as promised I’m going to be REALLY upset. Because living with this big battery is totally different than living with the one I had before which was 1/4 it’s size. Not to mention it’s going to take quite awhile to heal. So far no word on any place that they’ve found that will allow me to get an MRI. My stimulator representative did say I would be eligible for a Myelogram, which I believe is able to capture better footage than a regular MRI. But, even still that would mean this new battery implant I just got nearly a month ago was a total waste of time and much unnecessary pain. I’m praying even now that God will give me the patience I need should I find out I never needed this battery and the lead wires inside of me are not MRI compatible either. I can’t lean back on anything firm all because of this battery not to mention I still have to deal with the sore spot in my lower back at all times. It really is a big deal and if not resolved this means a MULTITUDE of people are being led astray and in for great disappointment later. All they tell you is that everything is the newest technology and completely MRI friendly. You tell me how you would take such a statement.I’m trying to remain as calm as possible, but it’s much harder when you have a painful reminder sticking you constantly in your back.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear. But, of power, love, and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

*I’m especially relying on that last part to carry me through countless moments of negligence and misleading during my medical care. All the other things that have happened to me during this 30 month period you will have to read later in my book one day.

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