Real & Raw Take 8000


I warned each of you that I would always share the good, bad and ugly. I do believe my meds are starting to settle my nerves. However, the skin & bone behind my new battery is really starting to ache. It’s just like the icing on top of all my other pain.

Outside of just pure miserable moments it’s just flat disappointing. I hate how my pain affects my wife, kids and others so much. My wife has practically provided me with a full assisted living house the past 2 1/2 years. She already has her hands full being the best mom in the world to 4 growing boys. Not to mention what she does daily as a pastor’s wife. Yet, she still displays nothing but grace and love.

I don’t know how others with similar conditions make it without having the support that surrounds me. Even my parents are always there for me when I should be always there for them. Life has humbled me in so many ways as pride was stripped away. All I can pray and hope is that everyone in my life will just recognize my many limitations. I know God has Big plans ahead. I’ve got to carefully and prayerfully walk through this valley of pain if I’m to make it to the promised land.

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