Heading To Bed 4/7/18

Potter & Clay

He’s Still Working On Me……..

Well, I’m about to hit the bed. I’ve taken enough medication to help 3 people sleep. I do believe I’ve eliminated some supplements that were causing my increased itching the past few days.

While dealing with an obvious handicap daily I’m so glad my God is bigger. When I can’t see, He sees for me. When I can’t do, He does for me. When I can’t think, He gives messages to me. Bottom line is He has shown me that it’s in the midst of my “I Can’t” that He shows that He still can.

It’s not about me. It’s never been about me. Yes, I’m enduring steady torment, but nothing like what my Lord Jesus endured for sinners like me on that cross. I’m so grateful that no matter where life finds us God can use us. Even if we feel like we’re on the sidelines if we look hard enough we’ll see a platform God has given us for His glory.

Please join with me in praying that I get at least 6-8 hours of sleep that my body desperately needs for healing. And, that when I wake up early my mind will be sharp and God will give me the strength once again to preach boldly His truth.

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