I Can Breathe Again


Well today has been a breath of fresh air compared to the past several days. I slept half the day, been able to keep my pain bearable and just finished some water therapy with this guy at the YMCA. My body aches with most movement, but it’s just extremely sore from being fried for days. I’m now officially taking the maximum dosage of Neurontin with no extreme noticeable change. But, I will be making sure I always take it every 8 hours so hopefully I stay ahead of the worst pain. Tomorrow I’m getting my stimulator adjusted so I’m praying that will help something. Overall I’m just grateful to feel some joy in my heart and to have many reasons to smile.

1 Comments on “I Can Breathe Again”

  1. Fellow, you’re looking and sounding better! Oops, that one of your four younger sons above! Still praying for improvement and wholeness! Don’t go by your puzzle results! I’m usually “a dummie” with 3 or 4 pieces remaining! Just a way to keep you happy and busy while the food is finished! Want to get together soon, and I’m not talking about Heaven’s shores!


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