Who Knows What Happens This Time


I’m sitting here waiting patiently for a scheduled 2pm visit with my psychiatrist. The only other time I met with this lady I was far from impressed. In fact, I left this office so did discouraged. I thought I was meeting with someone who was just caring about me, but I was wrong.

I remember our visit like it was yesterday from over a year ago. She said, I see you’re considering getting a spinal cord stimulator implanted. Tell me a little bit about your condition.” So, I began sharing with her all that I had been through and was feeling. About 5 minutes into me sharing she stopped me. She said, “Sir I’m not here to hear how you’re doing, but just to make sure you have s clear understanding of what this stimulator can and cannot do.”

After those careless words I just remember feeling sick to my stomach. Finally I’m thinking someone cares about me. Then, I realize it’s just another hour of interrogation by Workman’s Compensation. They sent me here again so I have no idea what today’s agenda will be. I just pray I’m met with even an ounce of compassion.

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