Dear Counselor


Where do I begin? First of all, please excuse the fact that I feel like I’m gonna lose my mind any minute. I’m so miserable and tired of this misery. While I used to feel like I had some patience that patience has left the building. Yes, I know I sound like I’m right on the verge of a panic attack. That’s because the panic button has already been pushed.

While there may be many things on my mind there is only one that must take center stage right now. Imagine you’re talking with a guy who is threatening to jump off a bridge. Well, I’m sorta that guy right now. I need help calming down. I need hope moving forward.

Yes, this ramped up nerve pain mixed with the length of this journey has worn me down. Not to mention having to wait on doctors to give me quality care. So, in a moment I’m gonna shut up and listen to you. I just need you to know that I’m not just having a bad day, but I feel my mind and body breaking down. Now, please go ahead and speak any words you can to make me possibly feel better.

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