It’s Now 3am


If my heart rate was not alright I would be heading up to the emergency room. I’ve been here many, many times before, but never with my legs hurting this bad. I believe I have felt the edge leave a little since turning the stimulator totally off. But, I’m talking pain that takes your breath way with each surge while being so tired you keep drifting back and forth to sleep.

“I can do all things through Christ who give me strength


1 Comments on “It’s Now 3am”

  1. My friend, You are always in my prayers, but his “ole body” of mine is awake a few hours after your stirrings! Yet I understand the best anyone can. Knowing that the Lord will get your through these hardships is a blessed assurance! You & Aimee, and sons are very much on our hearts! Sincerely, FY


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