Not What I Wanted To Hear


Well that was just a bummer! Just received a call from the Mayo Clinic office in Jacksonville, FL and they said they don’t accept my particular insurance. I would have to put down a minimum of $5,000 as a self-paying patient just to be seen initially. And then any further testing needed would come out of that money.

I told them if I’m gonna give them that kinda of money I will certainly look into the main campus in Rochester, Minnesota. Which they agreed has them out staffed and out resourced by a landslide. However, it was still not what I expected or wanted to hear concerning just an initial assessment visit. I’m not quite ready to create a go fund me right now or chase this down presently. I’ve got several more doctor appointments over this month to worry about. You can bet that I’m not giving up on this pursuit.

In the future, if I give them that kind of money up front it will be an appointment to see the best of the best. I want their best Neurologist with no doubt that I’m in the absolute most competent hands. Anyway, that literal phone call just spiked up my nerve pain to twice as strong as it was prior to that call. That’s not abnormal as anything that involves full engagement from my mind and heart presents that challenge. I will keep you all posted as I plan to do a little more homework concerning this matter.

“In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.”
(Psalm 18:29)

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