Another Mountain To Climb


Well, I’ve made several more phone calls including calling the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The more I hear the more I’m not hearing what I would like to hear. Simply the fact that I’m still dealing with workman’s compensation makes this a huge mess. They are not even willing to see me for an initial assessment without Workman’s Comp approval. Even with me paying total cash out. But, due to the fact that I will be maintaining open medical with workman’s comp the rest of my life doesn’t make things look promising.

Between the cost of maintaining this spinal cord stimulator or ever having to replace it, any more potential future surgeries, and the need for shots or other procedures. I can’t just cut ties totally with workman’s compensation and put such a financial burden on my family. Also, if I go to the Mayo Clinic paying cash alone the numbers could rise WAY above $5,000 due to all the testing and stuff they demand to do all over again because they prefer to use their own equipment. I’m still not thinking this is hopeless, but the mountain to climb just keeps looking bigger. I need Jesus to part the Red Sea for me! Whatever is meant to be will happen as I do all that I can, while trusting God to do all that I can’t.
To be continued…..


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