Another Eventful Day

1BF85E48-C589-4563-B119-61C807C22099Well, I started out my day very grateful for the 6 hours sleep I got last night. Then, I headed to church to preach a message God had already burned in my heart. I knew if I could just stay out of God’s way lives would be changed. Both services were full as I shared a message called “Preaching Your Own Funeral.” You see, a pastor may speak at your your end of life celebration, but your life will speak louder than any words spoken that day.

About 15 minutes prior to the 9:15am service something frightening occurred. One of my leaders simply walked into my office while I was looking over my message one final time. Just the sound of the door opening sent shooting pains from my feet into my chest in just seconds. I’ve had similar experiences so many times I knew what was next. All it would take was one more nerve spike and I would experience a total neurological breakdown. I knew if that occurred during the service I would be crying uncontrollably for quite sometime.
Praise God, I made it through two services. I had to lay on ice 4 different times throughout the morning. I had to pray constantly that God would hold me together as I felt just one step away from falling apart. My hands, arms and face have been breaking out with red splotches and lines all day due to my high level of neuropathy. Pretty much everyday I’m seeing something new and progressive with my nerve pain. But, I made it through another day with God’s help, 4-5 cups of coffee, and a lot of icing. I’ve spent the evening in a relieving hot tub and hopefully I can sleep through the night.
“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”
(Philippians 4:13)

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