God Did It Again


Over My Head

I just finished about 45 minutes of pool therapy. My mind is in a much better place as a result. I had to make myself go because I had to get out the house. I spent way to long dancing with the devil and swallowing his lies. I know the fight is far from over, but I made it through another day.

One thing that just keeps jumping out to me. You’ve got to keep taking that next right step forward. Reach out for someone’s hand to help you up. Resolve in your heart to do whatever you can to position yourself for hope. Contact every prayer warrior you know and let them know you’re in a very dangerous place.

I must admit I’ve been in a very dark place. I’m still very weak, but once again my heart has been renewed. I can feel the earnest prayers of many being answered. My strength to fight is still gone, but I know who is fighting for me. God must have something really awesome ahead because the devil is determined to break my spirit. I cried out for God’s help and He reached down and lifted my spirit.

“He reached down from heaven and rescued me; he drew me out of deep waters.”

(Psalm 18:16)

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