The Pain Runs So Deep


I’ve said before that the best chance at me having even a somewhat bearable day is to shorten my day. Well, I got things started off right by sleeping from 3am to 2pm. Even still I woke up with my legs continuously throbbing. I have no answers to this painful reality. All I know is the pain within runs so deep.

It’s not a pain you can see, touch, or predict. All I can say is it’s like poison running through my veins deep underneath my skin. Constantly I feel this sensation that makes my skin crawl. It hasn’t stopped all day long. However, it’s not always attacking me with the same intensity.

Sleeping has become my only enjoyable activity. For to be awake is to constantly be miserable in some form or fashion. This deep pain is stealing my joy, killing my relationships, and making me not even want to wake up. I know these are deep words, but you must understand the pain runs deep. You torcher anyone long enough they are going to feel fried after awhile. I can’t imagine anyone going through anything on this level without the hope of Christ in their lives. I’m so glad I know Jesus and in Him hope is always in front of me 

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19)

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