I Can’t Do What I Once Did


Here I am laying on ice or heat for the 10th time since Sunday morning. While I have years of experience in ministry. Even though I can see the field with clearer vision than ever before. Despite  knowing how to allow God to lead my every step. Regardless of all these things just trying to preach on Sunday mornings alone takes all I’ve got to give. It honestly takes an entire week for me to recover.

My body’s present condition resembles someone like Peyton Manning if he were still trying to play football. All it takes is one hit and boom he would be down. Yes, I can see the game plan clearly in my mind. My heart is more in tune to what I’m doing than ever before. I know many are reliant upon me doing my job well. And, I’m giving all I’ve got to give. The problem is I’m only good for one day. After just one hit my body has to stay in a hot tub or keep laying on ice packs.

If I were playing football they would kindly encourage me to retire. My legs are just never underneath me. My back is always just a step away from totally giving way. Even as I write this both legs are just throbbing with pain keeping me awake. Therefore, I’m constantly doing all I can to transition from a once full time player in ministry to a best I can be coach. It’s not easy to do or accept. 

However, being able to still make an impact on this lost and dying world somehow is everything to me. All of us have to make adjustments in life as things change with us or around us. We will have times we grow weak, weary and are tempted to give up. Don’t give up, just make the necessary adjustments. Keep doing what you can, while you can to make the greatest difference with wherever life finds you.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

(Galatians 6:9)

1 Comments on “I Can’t Do What I Once Did”

  1. Well said. Maybe less is more in Kingdom currency. It is true that if you take a fall from a high place there is more breakage, and grieving over great loss. But, the Potter has been known to break a pot and remake it, hasn’t He?


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